View Full Version : Different versions, keep them all?

10-08-16, 10:25 PM
I recently installed the Cupcake Canada version as urged by my many other Storm8 games. I have about 4 other versions of Cupcake Mania as well. As far as I can tell it's all the same game, each version must be adding new levels to it (I'm still below 100 so I can't see them yet). If I keep playing the most recent version of Cupcake Mania, do I need to keep all the previous versions? I'd like to free up some space on my tablet. I wasn't sure if I'd lose any of my history by uninstalling the earlier versions of the game. (and does anyone know if this is true for Dragon Story as well?)

10-09-16, 04:55 AM
Your game progress for your Storm8 games are stored in S8 servers, dont worry you wont lose it. Just make sure you have your Storm8 ID and password. As the various game versions, some of them are seasonal versions, playing on the latest is recommended. You can delete or keep the older versions according to your preference. Hope this helps.

10-09-16, 11:21 AM
Great thanks! I do have a Storm8 ID and password so I think I'll get rid of a few of the other versions. There are quite a few!