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10-04-16, 06:47 PM
Hi all! Just got pop up for a new oven 3 silver keys. Its a purple monster oven? I think? What are the new recipes? What do they look like? Can't wait till I get it! BTW love the Cherry Blossom oven very nice recipes very pretty! Looking forward to new holiday stuff super job guys! Tyty

10-05-16, 06:20 AM

https://vanacatu.000webhostapp.com/games/bs2/upd/2016/1004/menu100.png (https://forums.storm8.com/showthread.php?94616-BAKERY-2-Update-2016-Oct-04-CHOCOLATIER-S-STOVE)

A Chocolate Lover's Delight!
Victoria has brought her love of Chocolate to the bakery!
Get a Chocolatier's Oven to learn her favorite recipes!
It's only here for a limited time!Chocolatier's Stove Goal:
"Greetings fellow Chocolate lovers! I have come to share my love of Chocolate with you. I will teach you all that I know, but first you must get yourself a Chocolatier's Stove!"
"A Chocolatier's Stove is the first step to learning amazing Chocolate recipes! It's only here for a limited time, so get it soon!"

- Have the Chocolatier's Stove 0/1 (A Chocolatier's best friend!)

Price: 3 Silver Keys
Validity: 27 days (expires 1 Nov 2016)
Rewards: 1 Gem + Chocolate Lover's Cupcake RecipePictures:https://vanacatu.000webhostapp.com/games/bs2/upd/2016/1004/goal0.png
https://vanacatu.000webhostapp.com/games/bs2/upd/2016/1004/goal2.pngCookbook and Limited Content Details:
Update 2016-Oct-04 CHOCOLATIER'S STOVE (https://forums.storm8.com/showthread.php?94616-BAKERY-2-Update-2016-Oct-04-CHOCOLATIER-S-STOVE)

10-05-16, 07:24 AM
Tyty! Yes that's the one lol! I guess I got my wallpaper mixed up with the name of the oven lol. Ooohh so lovely! I can't wait to get it! Working on the 3 keys now.

10-11-16, 11:00 PM
I love the purple wallpaper and floor. Been wanting some better decor options for my bakery so the monster floors/walls were a welcome sight to me!

The choco oven is nice tho I wish the serving sizes were a bit bigger. I also wish I had more keys to unlock all the recipes lol. These ovens have depleted my keys as a relatively new player!

10-25-16, 07:28 AM
Yes got mine! Also got the melting pot. But haven't been able to gather enough coins to open a recipe yet.