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10-02-16, 09:00 PM
I don't mind spending money in games. I expect to spend money in games i like. I would do the same if i bought a game on Steam or from Best Buy.

What i don't like, is when a game puts on an exciting beginning to make you think you would be willing to invest a few dollars, and then falls flat on it's face.

This game is a perfect example. At the start, SUPER FUN. Dice are plentiful and the other resources including gems are rewarded constantly (through easy achievements, and playing the opening levels, Mediterranean and Connecticut). You can easily fill up your first couple of collections, which are quite fun since you are rewarded for every bingo on your collection card.

Soon you realize that by the time you are just four properties in, it costs 4 times as many dice to play a card. The problem is, you MIGHT on a really lucky game, finish with 1 dice more than you started with. So watching videos and waiting 24 hours is the only way to refuel...unless of course you want to sink a ton of money into the game.

I bought the $30 package, and since then i've probably spent another $30 randomly. That's the price of a console game. I've completed five whole collections ... and once again, i'm out of dice, left with waiting 23 hours, or spending money.

Meanwhile there are 18 more properties unlocked that are pointless to bother with. After every game i'm either out of cash or out of keys for chests.

Seriously...why do you punish the people that are willing to invest in your game? Once again, i feel duped, because if the game kept up the intensity that it started with, the money was worth it.

The money wasn't worth it.

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02-08-17, 01:35 AM
I also completely agree, I literally just told my husband this.