View Full Version : Lost dice and gems after an error.

09-25-16, 09:23 AM
Yesterday I received my daily dice and tried to play a stage, but an error popped up and informed me that I could not join the game since it was busy. I refreshed the stage but my dice were gone and I didn't even play a game.

I contacted support but they did not respond to me.

A similar incident occurred when I played Clue Bingo and instead of my dice vanishing, my gems vanished which led me to uninstall out of anger. Is this a glitch or is this intentional?

09-26-16, 10:48 AM
Sorry to hear that! One of our support agents will get to your ticket soon. If they still do not respond back to you in 2-3 days, please PM me your ticket number so I can get someone to look at the ticket for you.