View Full Version : Random Excessively Large Order Party Dudes Shop

09-23-16, 08:07 PM

Device: Android Galaxy Tab S2
Version of Dream V1.2.1

Normally the number of items we have to produce for an order is single digit quantity of one item or single digit quantities of multiple items.

I have been working on my entertainment shops with the current Shakespeare challenge.

The order I have now from the Party Dudes shop is 20!! baseball bats - for one order. That seems like a lot. That's 6 hours back to back production :-(.

Prior to receiving this order I had been buying any baseball bats that pop up in the City Exchange. I was trying to stockpile some for the ongoing challenge, I had 18 in stock. The reason was so I can have my factories pumping out the other items. Is this why I received such a huge order? Ie should we avoid have a lot in inventory unless we want to be slugged with whopper orders?

20 just seems like an unreasonably large number within one order.

Will await your advice :) Screenshot attached.


09-24-16, 07:00 AM
I too have several of those big orders, not often though. I think it could be as you say happens when we have high quantities of certain crafts in our inventory or maybe the game is helping us to make inventory space by asking for higher quantities than normal. I'm not sure which but I dont quite think it's a bug though. Maybe you can monitor your orders and see if it asks for lesser quantities when you have lesser of those crafts?