View Full Version : A few suggestions

09-22-16, 06:53 AM
I have a couple of ideas I would like to share:

* Make tips on tables more important.
I mean: if a table have tips on, make the dish served in it more expensive or add money to the income of that plate.
To avoid people not picking up tips, you can make tips only last for a day or 12hs or whatever you think its fair.
I think this will promote tips between neigbors, making a bigger comunity.

* Made some kind of "Today's menu"
I mean: a 3 dish/plate menu, that each costumer will consume. Something like: 1) breakfast dish 2) lunch/dinner dish 3) dessert dish. Also this could be changed to add drinks or snacks.
This would promote the players to be more active (playing more often), to have more dishes to offer to their customers.

* Increase the number of incoming clients.
I mean: We cook thousands of dishes*that, being limited the number of customers per hour that enter in our restaurant, we accumulated during weeks and sometimes months in our counters.
Fox example: adding a 2nd door increases x% the rate of clientes comming in.

* Add an "INVITE" option when you visit a new resto that isnt your neighbor already.
Most of the people mistakes their S8 ID with the name of their restaurant.
This will make things easier cause you dont need to add people manually.

I really hope you guys dont ignore this post ^^ and soon see some changes.
Thank you so much!!