View Full Version : Solved Observatory telescopes floating in mid air.

09-15-16, 03:54 AM
The observatory animation was working fine, but now the three telescopes are floating in mid air. ( They are still animated though). It is quite amusing but would prefer to have them where they should be. I have force closed and uninstalled several times but to no avail. is anyone else having this problem?

09-15-16, 04:31 AM
Oh I would love to see that! :) Sounds like you're having a display issue. Can you try the following and see if it returns back to normal?

Display/Graphics Issues
Clear cache - go to Safari in Settings app on iOS device and click [Clear History and Website Data].
Restart device and game
Delete and reinstall game if the above doesn't work

09-15-16, 05:05 AM
Thanks Rynetory. Have tried all your suggestions, but telescopes are still stubbornly floating! Would send you a screenshot - if I knew how:)

09-15-16, 06:48 AM
Well, be careful what one wish for. Haha I just saw mine went floating midair too. ;) I tried reinstalling as well. I'm going to report this. Thanks for spotting it.

Btw here's How To A Post Photo On The Forum (http://forum.storm8.com/showthread.php?15881-How-To-A-Post-Photo-On-The-Forum).


09-20-16, 08:41 PM
This looks fixed in my game. :)

09-21-16, 12:57 PM
This looks fixed in my game. :)

Fixed in my game too. But the carousel got bigger instead lol. I see that this has been reported. Thank you Mods and S8