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09-14-16, 06:50 AM
Dear Developers!
Here are some ideas regarding Bakery Story 2:

Ingredients Drop Rate

Watering Can:
since all other Ingredients available for purchase in Stores are being dropped by visiting Grocers, it would be logic to make Charlotte drop this Ingredient too. Of course it's used for only 4 recipes, but for example Peanut is only used for 2, nevertheless Jack does drop it.

Golden Watering Can & Fabric Swatch:
these Ingredients need special attention, since we have total 5 useless recipes in our Appliances because of their unavailability.
Actually available quantities are total 5 Cans and 2 Swatches ever, they all are for respective regular Goals after completing which and using up all 7 items, 5 recipes are just sitting in Fruit Bushes and Furniture Supplies w/o any chance to be useful.
I doubt that too many people are buying these ingredients for gems, so gem reason is not the best explanation to leave everything as it is.
I propose to consider an application of other possibilities to get these Ingredients. They may even be super-rare or even ultra-rare, no problem: the point is they should be accessible.
For example:
(a) let Charlotte drop the Golden Can once a week (or even month), let someone else (Jenny or Jack, since they are also involved into Cupcake storyline) drop the Fabric Swatch at same rate;
(b) OR include the possibility to receive minor quantities of these Ingredients during limited Events / as rewards for some side goals during Events / etc...
(c) OR apply in fact what is stated in words and may mislead users: let "Any Piece of Furniture" Recipe drop the Swatch (even once a month), and let Fruit Trees drop the Golden Can (no matter, will it be Pineapple Bush as stated in Game for this Ingredient, or other Bush/Tree).

In any case unless (c), please reconsider the guidance for Ingredients in order not to misinform players. In case nothing will be done in this respect, let the guidance sound like "From Goal", or "Coming Soon", or smth like this.
Ingredients in Recipes Coverage

Understood that nuts may cause allergic reactions for some people, but I believe our customers don't have such a problem :)
That's why I propose to enlarge the quantity of Recipes using Peanut and Coconut.
Peanut unlocks at Level 19, but has only 2 applications for now, and Coconut unlocked at Level 24 has even less applications than Cinnamon unlocked at Level 30.
Other Ingredients usage looks pretty well balanced (http://forums.storm8.com/showthread.php?90276-BAKERY-STORY-2-Ingredients) due to Levels they're available from, only nuts are a bit... lost :)
Maybe they could be used in some of below offered Recipes.

Additional Recipes

Here are some suggestions for cross-coverage of various amazing storylines you offered to us during this year, and of appliances still not having respective recipes yet:
Need More RecipesFruits Extravaganza (http://forums.storm8.com/showthread.php?91664-Fruit-Smoothie-Extravaganza!-May-18-2016)Surprise Line (http://forums.storm8.com/showthread.php?93142-Cooper-s-Surprise-July-27-2016)Gourmet/SBC (http://forums.storm8.com/showthread.php?89202-BAKERY-STORY-2-Secret-Club)

Barista Machine+
(10coins tropical mix
using any fruit juice and coconut,

Cake Maker+
(10coins exotic cake
using any fruit juice and peanut,
(some 15coins cake
using marco's special drop
(like frosting or coloring),

Pie Oven+
(some 10coins pie
using any fruit juice,
(some 15coins pie,
no special drops,

(some 10coins donut
using any fruit juice,
maybe with peanut chips,
~lvl 34)+
(some 15coins donut,
no special drop,

Ice Cream Machine+
(any juicy ice cream,
10coins, ~lvl43)+
(some 15coins ice cream
using gold leaf, or fancy cream,
or vanilla ice cream,
and michelle's special drop
(like coloring or topping),
(10coins gourmet ice cream
using fancy cream,
pink sea salt and/or tahitian vanilla,
maybe with coconut chips,
Following the same logic, 2 more points can be added to Cupcake Oven (http://forums.storm8.com/showthread.php?92557-Cooper-s-Design-Hobby-Jenny-s-Cupcake-28-June-2016), for which we have only 3 Grocers involved so far:
- Marco's Cupcake Goals Line & Recipe (from Level 22, may use marco's topper and coconut)
- Michelle's Cupcake Goals Line & Recipe (from Level 39, may use michlle's topper and gold leaf)

Galaxy Cookies (Home Oven) - visual suggestion

Since Galaxy Cookies have the same silhouette, could they be of the same size and take same Y-position in Menu as Sugar Cookie?

Unlearnt Recipes in Secret Specials

Since we can conclude now that there will be no refresh option applied for Sets of Special that we cannot deliver, thus, waiting for next acceptable one can still spoil over one day and even more.
I think in these conditions you would really make players happy if you can make the game recognize Unlearnt Recipes and not include them into Secret Special Sets.
Especially in view that we've recently faced (and not once) with requirements to fill these Sets for Limited/Timed Quests/Events.

Thank you in advance for considering a.m. points, and sorry if I mentioned something that is already in progress.
Hope that at least couple of items could help to make the game more comfortable for players.

I also want to thank you for several great changes you've made for us recently, including essential lowering of expansion costs, and wonderful solution of utilization secret keys via limited appliances like tea kettle, cherry blossom and marshmallow ovens!

09-21-16, 06:19 PM
These are all great suggestions!

09-22-16, 02:21 AM
thank you, hope so :)

09-22-16, 04:40 AM
The Thank You note problem is very frustrating for me right now.

So glad they have introduced many 20-coin dishes to increase income, though it's frustrating to constantly have to delete lower coin items. Not sure if there is any good way to address this...?

Really need way more thank you notes!!!