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08-31-16, 05:22 PM
I thought when you started in a new area ex I went from treetop town to glimmering grove it should start over but hasn't changed.

08-31-16, 05:44 PM
Hey there! What do you mean by start over?

09-01-16, 01:47 PM
Usually when I go into new area the level bar is empty once I start beating stages it starts filling up to make me stronger. Once filled it says they have levied up. But now it is still full so I can't level up anymore. Is this a glitch? It says maximum level for this region. But I just started glimmering grove. See picture below

09-01-16, 02:17 PM

09-01-16, 03:11 PM
Hey there! Sorry for any confusion. Level 113 is the max at this time. :)