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08-23-16, 06:06 AM
Good morning,

I reached level 31 in Frozen Frenzy Mania. It said I earned 7 gems, but it did not add them to my total. I had 54 gems for a long time and it stayed at 54 gems. Could someone please add them to my account?

Thank you,

08-23-16, 06:26 AM
Good morning Laura. :)

You should get a goal to collect revenue from City Hall before you get the gems credited. Can you check your Dream City goal list to see if you have this next goal there? If you have completed it and still did not get your gems, please send an email to support@storm8.com so an agent can assist you on this. Thank you.

08-23-16, 06:40 AM
Yes, the goal popped up (part 3 of 4) and said I earned 7 gems and then the goal went to part 4 of 4 and now I need to get to level 61 to finish the goal. I will send an email. Thank you for your responding so quickly.

08-23-16, 07:12 AM
Sorry about this. Support will be able to help you on this.

08-27-16, 02:29 AM
I got another Msyor of Approval quest this morning with a reward of 14 gems but the gems didn't log in to my gem total, anyone else have this issue?

08-27-16, 02:46 AM
The forum cannot help with gem issues. You need to contact Support.
Storm 8 support email: support@storm8.com

I've noticed with this game that you get gems added to your total as soon as you collect from a building which means before the pop up that says you got them.

10-03-16, 11:49 AM
Yesterday, I had five or six days left to get to Level 15 on Fantasy Forest Story with a reward of seven gems. I know that it was either one day more or one day less than the remaining days for Shakespeare in the Park. Today I finally reached Level 15 and when I opened Dream City the reward was gone and I did not receive my gems. It did not tell me I had reached the level (I think it was part four of four) and that the next time I collected from city hall I would receive my gems. So that is when I opened the little agenda book for the first time today and saw that it was missing.

Is anyone else having this issue or is it just me and I will need to contact support?

Thank you.

10-03-16, 12:00 PM
Hey there! Please contact support@storm8.com. One of our agents will be able to assist you and look into your account.

10-04-16, 08:01 AM
I sent them an email. Thank you!