View Full Version : Can't Access The Game, Unless Connected To My Home Wi-Fi

08-19-16, 01:33 AM
Hoping someone can help me.

I got a new android, and had to start over. The problem is that I can only play when I'm connected to my own wi-fi. When I'm not at home, the game just keeps giving me the "This Is An Online Game" error message. All of my other apps, and the internet still work - just not Bakery Story. I've also tried directly connecting to business wi-fi's, to no avail. Is there a specific setting I need to enable on my phone?

Thanks, in advance, for all suggestions.

08-19-16, 09:01 AM
Sometimes using external, business or public wifi has limitations like the bandwidth or the number of devices connected to it. If there are many devices connected, then you have to share or compete with others for bandwidth. Home wifi is usually the best since we have control over it. Maybe you can try using cellular connection when you are outside and see if that helps?

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