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08-19-16, 12:46 AM
Dear players,

I thought it might be fun to write a story on the cast of characters involved in Castle Story so we can go back and see what part they are playing and what they are up to now. Here is our journey! I hope you like it and it makes you smile. It's not finished, but I wanted to share it with you anyway. :) Happy Reading!!

*Characters of the Glimmerwood*

08-19-16, 12:47 AM
Chapter 1 - The Missing Heir

I find myself in a clearing alone. There is an empty half built farmhouse, lots of pretty trees and rocks around me and then... BAM! This man appears out of nowhere and tells me I have to chop wood! What does he mean 'chop wood'? I've never used an axe in my life. Oh well, I'm very willing to try anything once, so I walk up to a tree and touch it and WOW an axe appears in my hand (where did that come from?!). So I swing a couple of times and the farmhouse is magically fixed! Now, this is good news as I have no idea where I came from and got here.

No sooner than I fix the farmhouse, then I'm asked to harvest corn (umm, where did the corn come from!). I walk up to the corn and touch it and the corn magically goes into the barn! I'm starting to think this place is a little bit magical!

I'm feeling quite clever at these newly acquired skills. The man tells me to plant more corn. Clearly this man does not know me at all. I think I'm allergic to corn. But, as I'm not sure who he is, I decide to go along with what he asks me to do. It is kind of nice to have someone to talk to.

So, I plant a few more corn and then am asked to build another farmhouse and then he tells me that I'm in charge of this place. Me? I wonder what the catch is. He looks shady and not to be trusted. I wish he'd leave though...

Baron Pfeffernot knows The Truffle Hustle but beware of the High Steaks; The Baron has a Secret Ambition and is looking for Royal Proof.

08-19-16, 12:47 AM
Chapter 2 - I have 'skills'!

I start exploring my new kingdom. I find I can do all sorts of things, like pruning and weeding and chopping more trees and rocks so that I can make a life for myself. I even know how to make buildings! And, I have a COW! I'm very clever it would seem!

It's an interesting place, like nowhere I've seen before. I see an old well at the end of a path and grab my fishing pole. I'm hungry with all of this work.

And so begins my life in the Glimmerwood. It turns out the man I met is none other than Baron Garland Pfefferknot. It's ok, I'd not heard of him either, but I didn't have the heart to tell him that. He seems very bossy and mean, and he is fixated with money and gold for some reason. The Baron tells me that there are actually other people in the kingdom beavering away, but clearly they don't like him either as they are always working inside the homes and buildings. I never see them and they don't talk to me, but I know they're there.

It looks like I'm here to stay, so I name my kingdom and then I discover a man who is cursed as a goat. His name is Old Thomas and he is the kingdom's Scholar. Thankfully, I am able lift the curse on him and now we are firm friends.

We have lots of fun adventures together and he tells the most terrific stories from his many many scrolls!

Old Thomas is The Royal Scholar and spends his time in The Scholars Library looking for scrolls, Blueprints and Spell books. Old Thomas, just how clean *is* your Library?

08-19-16, 12:47 AM
Chapter 3 - Another Curse

Her name is Ivy and I found her one day after I cleared some land. I say found, cause I nearly chopped her down! It wasn't my fault; she looked like a tree! She actually looked quite good as a tree, but she wanted to be freed. Lucky for her I'd had success in lifting the curse on Old Thomas, so I figured I'd have another go at it!

I worked very hard to free her from her curse as well. Ivy is awesome. She loves to experiment and make potions and she is really fun. It's so nice to have another friend. Ivy even made a purple cow! I'm not sure she has got the hang of all of this potion making stuff, but I'm sure she'll get better at it!

Because I'm an excellent master builder, I even built her a house. She absolutely loves it and every time I visit her she showers me with gifts of pretty petals and other useful items. She is very generous! (Don't get me started on Old Thomas...he just wants to keep giving my encyclopedia's and other books.)

Ivy branched out after Gathering Ingredients; knows about Faerie Magic & loves all things Skunkupine. Tells occasional Fortunes and claims not to be a witch . . .

08-19-16, 12:48 AM
Chapter 4 - Whatever next!

A few months later, I have totally got the hang of running my kingdom. The workers are very happy and I am able to spend all of my time wandering the kingdom in my spare time. I've built all sorts of useful buildings like a market place, kitchen, sawmill and a mine. Me! I told you I had 'skills'!

The only bad thing I've found so far is that sometimes out of nowhere, a stinky grey skunk appears and sometimes this ugly orange beast with fangs which I found that if I whack a few times, they disappear. My skill set is growing!

It's amazing what you find when you're alone walking around. I heard sneezing in the distance. How strange.... I never see any of the town people except Ivy and Old Thomas. They're like me, definitely outdoor folk.

Now, you will not believe what happened next! I was clearing more land (I don't know why this keeps happening to me!) towards the sea and I happen across a semi-naked man! Good grief! In boxer shorts of all things!

Thurston, a knight, had a spot of Trouble with Trolls. Occasionally quotes the Knights Code. He is the Royal Defender & Jousts For Glimmerwood!

08-19-16, 12:48 AM
Chapter 5 - Are you serious?

Now I know what you're thinking, another curse. Well, it turns out he was on the quest to defeat the foul Troll king, got lost, and had his armor stolen by Glimmer Trolls. (can you believe this guy?!) I had some time to spare, so I set out to help him too. The only issue I have with Thurston (that's his name by the way), was he has this propensity to quote his precious Knights Code. I think he just makes it up, but he seems trustworthy, despite his lack of clothing.

So, I eventually find his clothes; those glimmer trolls did a good job hiding everything!

Oh, did I tell you I built a castle? Well, I did, clever, right! Thurston loves it. After I found all his clothes I sent him on a mission to find a special item called Mithril so that we could craft this awesome sword to defeat the Troll King.

I'm not sure I approve of all the whacking that was involved in defeating the troll king. It was exhausting! But I kept a smile on my face and swung my sword at him till he disappeared.

But, I did get something I'd always wanted - an enormous red ruby! I tucked that away for a rainy day somewhere safe.

08-19-16, 12:48 AM
Chapter 6 - Princesses and Wanna-be's

Every story must have them. And I found them here in the Glimmerwood. So much happens in a year or so. You would not believe how much food I have to make to feed the knights who go on adventures to bring me back much needed items from far away lands. Not to mention how much wood and stone I need which keeps my workers constantly busy. It's never ending, but lots of fun too!

Back to Princesses. You will never guess what happened when clearing land down in the southern highlands? There was this girl with the most messy and tangled hair I've ever seen. What I went through to free that girl to make her as 'pretty as a princess'.... I need a holiday! Her name is Sabina. It turns out that not only is she actually very nice and has pretty hair, but she has a bit of a 'thing' for Thurston. I wonder where that will lead?

Princess Sabina, Hungry for Freedom, she escaped from the pages of a Legend. The Grateful Princess shares her home with Little Manty.

08-19-16, 12:48 AM
Chapter 7 - We need a knight, an old wise man & a witch

There is this crazy looking floating stone archway held down by these enormous chains. We call it the Glimmergate. It's down south past where I found Sabina all tangled. We can only see it through a clearing though. Sabina thought she would explore nearby it one day and she saw a lady in red lurking around the Glimmergate. Sabina loves fairy tales and has her own book which she carries with her. The lady in red sounded a lot like a story in her fairytale book, so she decided to investigate. After talking with Old Thomas, Thurston and Ivy we decided to clear the land and take a closer look.

We arrived at the Glimmergate and tried to open the doors, but they were locked. Out of nowhere, we hear a voice that says "hello dears". Sabina squeals "witch!" (have I said before how annoying that is) and frightens us all but it didn't faze the lady in red. She looks at us and simply says, "Witch?! You... Ahem. I'm *Lady* Greselda. What brings you here?" We introduce ourselves and Thurston asks her whether or not she knows anything about the gate. She replies "Do I? Only everything there is to know about it!" Before she would tell us anything though, she wanted us to invite her tea first.

So we had tea with Apple Pies, Lemonade and Orange Cobblers! YUM!

Lady Greselda is a little High Maintenance. Once Under Key & Lock this original bad girl is a zap happy Glam Golem Lady.

08-19-16, 12:49 AM
Chapter 8 - Make you what?!

Old Thomas's scrolls have so much information about the magic world of the Glimmerwoods. All good things take time and getting the key to open the glimmergate took AGES! I sent the knights out several times to get special things that we need to craft the Key of Doors so that we could unlock the Glimmergate. The day arrived when the Key of Doors was finally ready. It was so beautiful! The workers in the forge are amazing. I must remember to give them an extra day off sometime.

Now you would have thought this would be a day of celebration. Quite the opposite. The Baron shows up and steals the Key and has quite the argument with Greselda. It was funny to watch! Ivy says that Greselda has magic of her own and she used it on me to start the charge of the Glimmergate. She had me craft a statue of her and then a carriage and then a magic mirror of all things! Her plan was nearly complete. It turns out I was under a spell (I don't know how this happened to me, but I guess it must have been my turn!)

08-19-16, 12:49 AM
Chapter 9 - Glimmer Golems, come to your Queen!

Now this won't surprise any of you, but after all the work we did to open the Glimmergate, these nasty ugly creatures appeared! Greselda has summoned Golems! Thurston jumped in to save us, but it was no good. He couldn't defeat them and they just kept coming! Golem after Golem; it seemed neverending. Old Thomas's scrolls had stories of a sword that could work to defeat the golems and so while I kept the golems busy, Thurston went in search of the parts we needed for a new magic glimmer sword and then we set to work on crafting the sword of all swords. It was *awesome* and I was ready for battle...

08-19-16, 12:50 AM
Chapter 10 - Well, that's alright then

Looking back, opening the Glimmergate was an exciting time but I am glad it's in the past now. The Golems were defeated as was Greselda. There are spells a-plenty in the Glimmerwood and the spell on Greselda was a ripper! Sabina, being the kind-hearted sole that she is, took pity on Greselda once we had freed her from the spell and even made her new clothes to celebrate her new life with us in the Glimmerwood. She is quite happy now and has been a big help around the kingdom.

08-19-16, 12:50 AM
Chapter 11 - Time for Fun

It's not all work everyday for us. We even get to have fun. Christmas time, thanksgiving, easter and other special occasions are celebrated with *pizazz*! I think my favourite is Christmastime though; beautiful trees, hot chocolate, helping others, visiting friends, I love it! Perhaps I'll write a book about that another time... I just make sure I avoid anything Ivy cooks that looks suspicious. She is indeed the master chef!

08-19-16, 12:51 AM
Chapter 12 - There's *what* in this jar?

You wouldn't think that any of us in the glimmerwood would be mean to anyone would you? We help everyone who asks for help. Whatever it takes... that's my motto. One day Sabina and I went to visit Ivy, (remember she likes to give gifts?), and when we were about to leave, she gave me a lovely light in a jar. Well, the light moved, I screamed, and then realised that there was a *real live* faerie in the jar.

Sabina was outraged! We did the only thing we could do; we set her free.

08-19-16, 12:51 AM
Chapter 13 - A History Lesson

When I saw that faeries were actually real and in the glimmerwood, I went to see Old Thomas. If anyone knows what's going on, it's Thomas. I found out that the Glimmerwood used to belong to the Trolls and Faeries. Before the humans arrived, Trolls, Faeries and others inhabited the woods and they found a way to share the land through peaceful negotiation. When the humans arrive, it complicated matters and the land was being split further. The old King was.. well, he wasn't one to share and resolve problems through peaceful means. This made me feel very shameful and sad.

Old Thomas suggested a new era begin. I wholeheartedly agreed! A treaty with the faeries is what we need.

08-19-16, 12:52 AM
Chapter 14 - The Plume Hive Faeries - Azalea and Lila

Faeries are enchanting and beautiful and incredibly demanding. Here's the highlights of what I know about the faeries.
Azalea was captured in a jar by Ivy and released by Sabina (yes, I know you've heard that before, but bear with me) who returned home to the Plume Hive;
We made a selection of sweet food and waited for her to return. She did return, and she bought Lila with her. Azalea and Lila work for the Plume Queen.

Azalea and Lila and I discussed a new treaty whereby we could all live together peacefully. The Plume Queen agrees that we can start anew, on the condition that I build a place that welcomes the Faeries in the Kingdom. So, we set out to build a gorgeous home for the faeries; a Faerie Respite. Wow, it was amazing what went into this building; hundred of petals to make it soft, lots of glimmerdust, the best and ornate building supplies we could make and so much more. Eventually it was made and best of all, the faeries loved it!

08-19-16, 12:52 AM
Chapter 15 - The Blythewood Tree

*Thomas and Agnes sitting in the tree*... oh stop! Why is it that silly songs get stuck in your head? Thomas has a special friend. Her name is Agnes and she sounds like the perfect match for Old Thomas. Agnes sent us a sapling which was recovered from the Old Praying tree in Blythewood. It was sent toher for safe-keeping as the Baron was apparently terrorizing other kingdoms.

Over the next few months, Agnes and Old Thomas exchanged letters and gifts so that we could keep the Blythewood sapling alive. According to rumors, The Barons Knights removed four trinkets that blessed the tree. Agnes' magic was not enough to keep it alive anymore. The removal of the trinkets was the true reason behind the trees passing. The decree to not water the tree was just a diversion. The Baron wanted the knowledge of the trinkets lost. Agnes eventually befriended the Blythewood citizens, despite the language barrier, and they agreed to help recreate the missing trinkets.

It was a time of great frustration as looking after the sapling took up everyone's time and effort. Poor Thurston's knights had a massive struggle finding a garnet (it's too difficult to talk about...) so I'll move on and just give a brief overview of what happened next. As we watered the sapling and followed Agnes' instructions, the tree grew and grew. We crafted new trinkets and the tree flourished. As we watered, the tree was coming back to life. The blessings of the tree were working. As we applied the blessings, something amazing happened; the leaves faded from green to magenta.

Old Thomas exclaimed with delight that this was the Goddess Tree! No sooner than he realised this, then Sabina cried out that faeries were here!

08-19-16, 12:52 AM
Chapter 16 - We are *not happy* Ruler

The Plume Hive faeries were not happy. They hit me with this... Here's a little neat fact for you. Not all Faeries are friends. There are many Faerie Factions and alliances. Our Faerie Queen will be very displeased to hear of what you did.. How could you build the Faerie Respite to symbolize our friendship and then root this Goddess Tree in your Kingdom? Are you playing games with us? Faeries are complicated, and so much so, that over the next few months our relationship grew more complex.

08-19-16, 12:52 AM
Chapter 17 - More monsters!

Not only are there ugly skunks and fangies, but after we defeated the troll king a new monster started appearing in our kingdoms... trolls. I finally get a handle on how to defeat them, when yet another one turns up. This time, it's like a wild boar and takes more effort to defeat. It turns out the trolls don't like them either. The Dire Boars had taken a good chunk of troll land and ever since the King's passing the Trolls are more concerned with fighting each other for leadership than focusing on things that truly matter. The Dire Boars are here because of me.. If I hadn't fought the Troll King, they wouldn't be here. Old Thomas tried to comfort me by telling me it's not so bad as their numbers are small and they pose no threat to us. The problem is, that they do to the Trolls. We fight them off and dethroned their King. It's a never ending cycle. Thurston thinks that there is no such thing as making peace with Trolls. I'm not sure I agree...

08-19-16, 12:53 AM
Chapter 18 - I think I figured it out

The Plume Hive faeries don't get on with the Blythewood faeries.
The Plume Hive faeries don't get on with the Trolls.
The Blythewood faeries don't get on with the Trolls.
The Plume Hive faeries are cross with me for helping the Blythewood faeries.
The Blythewood faeries are cross with me for helping the Plume Hive faeries.
The Trolls are cross at me for just about everything and don't get on with anyone including themselves.
Thurston is cross with me for allowing Kaz to stay with us.
When Ivy is cross she makes skunkupies! (ok, not really).
I defeated the 3 troll kings and now Kaz isn't cross at me; I built him a Troll Castle to celebrate but he prefers his own abode.
Kaz unified the Trolls under one Tribe and we are at peace. Kaz is now the new Troll King!
Kaz takes 5 of his best warriors to get answers to the source of the Feral Magic and travels to the Blythewood.
We are awaiting his return... wow, this is exhausting!

08-19-16, 12:53 AM
Chapter 19 - That's witches business

Ivy declares herself not a witch, however her sister Belladonna, is a witch. After we built Greselda a castle and a garden of her own (it's seriously creepy) and then this cute little greenhouse, she started growing all sorts of new plants. Ivy wanted to send them to Belladonna to investigate. Lady Greselda said that she has met Belladonna briefly in Farenvale 5 years ago and told Ivy that she was quite the skilled witch. And so began the long and tortuous journey of Ivy sending the mature plants to Belladonna, one batch at a time. In return, Belladonna sent Ivy an item called an Inscription. Ivy said she needed 20 of these inscriptions to give to Greselda. This was going to take a while....

Ivy was very keen to learn more about magic and who better than Greselda. So, after Ivy got 5 inscriptions from Belladonna, she started magic lessons with Greselda.


08-19-16, 12:54 AM
Chapter 20 - The Rose Seal

A few months after Kaz left, and we finished restoring the Goddess Tree, Queen Ivinea arrived back in the Glimmerwood. She said that she returned as the trees whispered that we've made peace with the Trolls. Queen Ivinea wants to share the burden of caring for the Goddess Tree which I agree to. I think there may be some tension between Azalea and Lila. hmmm. The faeries have some very cool building materials and they said that if I crafted a Rose Seal and gave it to them, then they would grant us access to special materials. I'm sure the Glimmerwood workers would appreciate some special materials to work with.

The Rose Seal gave us access to entering the land of the Plume Hive and Thurston's knights went out adventuring to the Plume Hive regularly to bring back supplies so we could build our own faerie workshop. With a workshop, we could make the faerie building materials ourselves. This was an excellent compromise. One of the things faeries do is to nurture large, magnificent flowers. The faeries also allowed us to make one of these special faerie flowerbeds which is a truly beautiful plant. And to thank the faeries, we had this awesome tea party and the best food fight ever! I love this place!

Once we started trading with the faeries, we decided to build a Faerie Bridge so that could get supplies. The bridge has made life so much easier to travel to and from my kingdom to the Plume Hive. The faeries are very generous! The Knight's are very thankful we don't have to send them adventuring as much as well. They do tend to spend more time in the tavern though drinking root beer, so win win!

08-19-16, 12:55 AM
Chapter 21 - Guess who's back... and *angry*

The day Kaz arrived back in the Glimmerwood should have been a day for celebration. He had been gone for months. But, he arrived disheveled and angry and yelled at me that he was going to get all his stuff and leave this 'crummy Kingdom'! I was totally taken aback. I asked him if he had found the source of the Dire Boar attacks and he scoffed that he had found source all right...and it's not Blythewood; the magic was coming from here! In Kaz's backpack he had samples of a tree bark sample taken from Blythewood. He also had a sample of some tree bark from the Glimmerwood. I examined them and they looked identical to me. Kaz scoffed at me. "See it?! Hmph, don't you *smell* it?" he asked. I didn't smell anything strange. He scoffed at me again (this had better not be how things continue!) and said "Humans and your puny noses. It smells of *magic*. Each kind of magic has its own smell. And I can tell you this smells like Glimmerwood magic. Trolls know all about this stuff." Interesting.

We took the samples to Greselda who examined the tree bark samples and made us plant and harvest some glimmerbulb crops to get soil to see if there's magical residue comparable to Kaz's sample! We also needed it to compare it against residue left on the Dire Boars. Greselda cast a corrupting spell on the soil and found that there was a taint of previous magical corruption on the soil samples. After using the soil on her own plants, Lady Greselda's suspicions were confirmed. It was just as she had suspected.... it was Faerie magic.


08-19-16, 12:56 AM
Chapter 22 - Put your fists up and fight (like a troll?!)

Kaz was uncertain about all of this and needed a special place to expel his anger. I had the perfect solution! A Troll Sparring Pit. Thurston, bless him, thought he could help Kaz with this, but it ended with poor Thurston curled up in the corner calling for his mummy! I think I won't let him help anymore today.

With all the destruction going on, we had to think of how we could reinforce the training dummies. The workers in the forge are totally creative and amazing. The final test of the reinforced dummies were ready. Yes! Success! Kaz had quite the battle with them. They surely will stand the test of time. To celebrate, Kaz asked me if I wanted a turn in the Sparring Pit as Trolls don't get a lot of practice fighting humans. I was hesitant given what I saw happen to Thurston earlier, but he was valiant and cried "Give it nary a thought, my liege! I will stand in your steed! I... woah. I need to sit down". Smiling on the inside, I told Thurston that it was ok, he could rest and I would spar with the Trolls!

I gave it my best shot! Behind my back, I heard the Kaz whisper, "you're tough for a small fry, I'll give you that"! High praise indeed.

08-19-16, 12:57 AM
Chapter 23 - She loves who?
Who doesn't like a good wedding! Ivy and I had so much fun getting Sabina organised for her special day with Thurston. We were the ultimate wedding planners!

to be continued...... :)