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08-10-16, 02:00 PM
32815I feel that bakery story should have it where you can win things if you play daily. For example, 1st day reward for playing: $10,000 coins/ 2nd day reward for playing: 3 gems/ 3rd day reward for playing: Free cooking appliance/ 4th day reward for playing: Free wall decor/ 5th day reward for playing: Free floor decor/ 6th day reward for playing: Free once a week prize box/ 7th day reward for playing: Free table or chair/

Many people uninstall this game because they feel bakery story is too expensive and that takes away from the fun. I love this game and want to give ideas to the development team to make this the best game ever! This should only work if someone play every day. If someone play 2 days in a row they won't win anything else. I know this will make people happy. I play bakery story everyday for about 5+ hours and feel I should get rewarded. There are many story games that give daily rewards. I know that pet story and dragon story does but why not bakery story as well?32816

Storm 8, could you please make the brown ship dividers come in different shades. I really would like a light pink color ♡♡♡♡ That would make me happy♡♡♡

Could you make it where we can see all active and inactive neighbors?

Storm 8, do you consider of making a new way of collecting tips? Perhaps a button that says "collect all tips"? Some people have over 100 tables in their bakery and can get irritable trying to tap all their tables.

Could you please bring back the rose columns? Many of my neighbors have them and I want one too♡♡♡