View Full Version : Level 621 Problem

08-06-16, 06:20 AM
There is a problem in Level 621 that I've seen on other levels:

I had a doom jewel with one move left at the same time as a diamond next to a blaster. Swiping the diamond and blaster together should have wiped out the doom jewel, but it didn't; the doom jewel exploded anyway. This is another example of screwed up logic in this game...the doom jewel count should have been tested AFTER the effects of the swipe.

I don't think there are enough moves for this level. I used up tons of energies after inadvertently buying 520 gold. I rarely buy gold as the game miraculously makes them disappear. Earlier in the week I went to bed with 10 gold and woke up the next morning with none.

08-08-16, 10:51 AM
Sorry to hear that! Please write into support@storm8.com. One of our agents will be able to assist you with your account.

08-09-16, 06:45 AM
I see you guys have increased the number of moves from 22 to 24. Thanks, but I really think it should be 30!

I came across the same problem as before with a doom jewel. A blaster wiped out the doom, but it still exploded. Definitely a flawed design....if I had matched the doom with two adjacent jewels of the same color, it would not have blown, but if a blaster blows it out the water, it still explodes.

Great game, BTW!

08-09-16, 07:28 PM
Scrap the request for 30 moves....I just completed it!

08-10-16, 10:41 AM
Congrats! :)