View Full Version : Gem rewards instead of coins

07-31-16, 05:19 AM
Please consider changing the reward for completing quests (found in the upper left corner / journal) to gems instead of coins.
Thousands of coins are required to complete each one, and the rewards are paltry. Ex. Basketball court costs 4700 coins, and the reward is 20 coins. If it's not possible to reward with gems, then please change the coin amount to (at least) double what needs to be spent to complete the goal. Otherwise, there really is no reward for completing each quest.

Players would be more inclined to continue this game if this change was made. There is no option for gifting gems to / from neighbors. If the Cinema allows for viewing videos for free gems, that will be an improvement.

Thanks for considering this suggestion!

11-07-16, 02:44 AM
I've stopped bothering with these quests altogether if I complete them it's by accident the rewards are so paltry they're not worth doing.

But yes they WOULD be worth doing if rewards were gems. It's Very Hard to get gems in this game.