View Full Version : Boardwalk Over??

07-26-16, 07:16 AM
I got a pop up saying the boardwalk is over in 13 hours. Are they getting rid of it?

07-26-16, 07:33 AM
No such notification appeared for me. Did you take a screenshot of it?

07-26-16, 07:37 AM
I didn't sadly :( It popped up on the bottom like goals do.

07-26-16, 07:42 AM
I didn't see any. As far as I know, Boardwalk is a permanent feature. Maybe you can check your Boardwalk? Was it a goal screen or device notification? Can you take a screenshot if it happens again?

07-28-16, 04:39 PM
I think it was the reminder pop up for the current order. I've seen similar pop ups on my iPad.

kooky panda
07-29-16, 12:38 PM
You do get notifications when your current boardwalk order will expire.