View Full Version : New Timing for New Broadwalk Orders??

07-25-16, 03:00 AM
Has the timer for new Broadwalk orders been changed? I now have a 28 hour timer for my next order.

But this came after the game cheated me out of the last 5 minutes to deliver my final batch of orders.

I had it all ready with 5 minutes to spare; even got a notice from the assistant mayor telling me I had 4+ minutes left, but when I got to the Broadwalk, the timer was missing. Tapping the Broadwalk caused a message, "Loading New Orders", to pop up.

Since it wasn't responding, I forced close the game and restarted it, this only took 30 seconds, but when the game restarted, not only did it not restore my last few minutes, but it put up a 28 hour timer for the next batch of orders :mad:

What gives :confused:

07-25-16, 05:15 AM
Hi. I've replied you in the other thread which you have started about this matter, please see my reply there. Btw Boardwalk is still at 8 hrs arrival time.

Closed duplicate thread.