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07-21-16, 03:01 PM
There are too many things going on. I need to complete orders to get the music ticket things and complete really hard orders for the boardwalk tasks that recently have been very intense on the same factory so unless I'm playing constantly, are impossible to fulfill. In addition to these there is having to build enough people points to move up a level. I don't have enough storage for items so can't hold onto them for the next boardwalk order and the market place no longer sells my things quick enough and all I'm ever offered to buy is 3 different sugars and empty slots.

Just too much that isn't quite right. I really enjoyed this game to begin with😄 but now it is becoming annoying😒. I will play until I get the golds for dragon story and then I will probably stop. 😑

Anyone else feel this way.

kooky panda
07-21-16, 06:23 PM
Actually that is what I like about the game. Never a dull moment! Right now I am not doing my boardwalk and focusing on the VIP passes since that is a timed event.

07-22-16, 04:29 PM
I do nyrrem. The only games I really care about are Bakery & Restaurant and want the gems for those games.

I'm almost at level 18 in this game and am already tired of making the same parts over and over and over.

It would be a little better if I could get more parts ( hardhat, shovel, bricks...) to upgrade the highrises so I could store
shops at the rate of speed Im getting them up to 5 stars.

It's a cute game but the tedium is too much for me to make it one of my regulars.

The only goals I have are to upgrade the highrises - but that is going too slow for me.
And to get out to the special sites and open them - lighthouse, observatory....

07-22-16, 05:29 PM
I agree. It was fun to begin with and thought I may have found a new game worth keeping but now it's just annoying. The lack of storage for items needed for deliveries is killing it. I have to say I also agree it's starting to get tedious making the same things over and over so perhaps it's not my kind of game after all. I was going to try to stick with it for the castle story gems and dragon story gold but now I'm thinking.....maybe not. I'll try again tomorrow. Maybe I'll have more patience with it then.

07-29-16, 11:17 AM
I don't like the graphics in this game. It is like building a town with Google earth view or something. The graphics are tiny and hard to see what the buildings even are.