View Full Version : stuck on level 379

07-21-16, 09:48 AM
please help!!!!!

07-21-16, 10:33 AM
Ok, it's too long ago to remember, and no one posted it in Crystal Caverns thread, but I took a quick look. I am way past that, and have a higher level and more pals, so I'll just try some general advice.
I would start with Yellow, red, blue and purple. If you have a purple that removes two geodes, use that. If not, use one geode remover, one that removes blocks, and two bombs, or a bomb and a line blaster.
I beat it with a red that removes 3 blocks, a blue that removes one geode, a yellow bomb, and a white blaster, (but there were way more purple than white), and I only got one star. I didn't need the red 3 block remover, a one block remover might be enough. Maybe a 2 block remover if you have one. I didn't remove many geodes. That means the coals didn't break, and they give high points for breaking. So try to remove as many geodes as possible, to drop the coals. You may want to try two separate geode removers if you don't have the purple one that removes two.
Hope that helps, a Good Luck! :D Annie

07-26-16, 03:21 PM
thanks annie..... i finally did it.... now i`m stuck on level 383!!!!!