View Full Version : Citizens drop rate Needs to change

07-17-16, 12:12 AM
The parts drop rate by citizens, is way too low, it does not keep up with levelling. You level up several times before you get enough parts to expand or increase your inventory size, and by this time you have a whole heap of new businesses that you can't even put out because there is nowhere to put them. The parts needed for expansion and your inventory need to be a lot more consistent in dropping from the citizens, or better still have the parts come from some other regular source than the citizens. It is just ridiculous having to wait so long to expand, if it doesn't change, I will be dropping this game, because it becomes terribly boring when you come to a stalemate and can't go any further.

07-18-16, 03:58 PM
I'm waiting to level up to level 13 & have gotten maybe 2 parts total from citizens. Have better luck getting them from mastering a commercial building.

07-21-16, 01:12 PM
Agree. I have a total of 12 packing tapes, and 8 bubble wraps, and not enough wooden crate to update inventory!! and 14 shovel and just 2 saw, so I can't expand either !! So now I am maxing out my inventory capacity, so it gets very hard to store the items needed to deliver the orders. They need to balance out the ratio between parts received, or at least allow us to delete individual parts (and not get rid of the whole inventory of a single part).
Please storm 8 fix this!!!

07-25-16, 08:42 AM
It does seem a bit too random and frustrating. Was in a stalemate on level 12 waiting for shovels, for space to build more commercial businesses. Also the game has too much emphasis on building business after business and virtually no incentive to make a pretty city with parks and play areas.

07-31-16, 08:24 AM
When citizen appear in game they give coins most of the time. Please increment the rewards such as brick, shovel, etc.