View Full Version : Gems from Glimmer Alicorns

07-11-16, 01:45 AM
I buy for my gold tokens 4 glimmer alicorns.
At first I could collect 40 energy from these alicorns everyday.
Now it's only 3 till 5 each day.
Why did this changed?
We need so much enery now by the goals we play.
That's why I buy more glimmer alicorns for my gold tokens.
Have more players this problem?
Please fix this TL
I want the 40 energy back from the allicorns that I did buy for the gold tokens..

07-11-16, 01:49 AM
I mean ENERGY from Glimmer Alicorns.. Not gems... Sorry fir the mistake..

07-11-16, 02:53 AM
These changes happened in May, not long after they were released. The glimmer alicorns were not meant to drop 40 energy daily and were subsequently changed. This is not a bug. Sorry...

07-11-16, 03:00 AM
Hmmm. I did buy more because of the allicorns give 40 energy each day.
Now I lost golden tokens for buy more allicorns :(
Better they had not make the mistake for let us at first collect 40 energy and then later changed this :(
It cost me lots of golden tokens for nothing :(