View Full Version : To team lava- thanks

08-15-10, 04:38 PM
Thanks for the new game. Sadly it doesn't come close to your farm story. I've been at it a couple of days but it lacks the flexibility like planting crops. One user mentioned that business should earn more, perhaps by selecting product.
And the whole cleaning process is pointless unless u constantly collect the 20coins only that is generated per building. And doing so constantly is getting painful. My fingers are going numb.

But thanks for ur efforts. Please return your focus to farm story as that is my fav. Online game of all time. I won't delete city, but it's not holding my attention so I doubt I'll purchase city dollars. The gems I bought tho I felt were worth it.

08-16-10, 10:42 AM
- How about people walking around? I build, but it's boring to see no activity!
- Put some cars driving around too! Trucks leaving warehouse, buses leaving the school, cars coming in and out of the gas station.
- And what's the point of a fire station when no houses are being burned once in a while? It could us give points for putting the fire out?