View Full Version : Wrong image on Mango Smoothie....

07-04-16, 11:51 PM
Hi. Can someone fix the image in the smoothie mixer for the mango smoothie. On the glass there is a slice of DRAGON FRUIT when it should be the slice of mango. I keep clicking on the wrong smoothie since i see a dragon fruit I don't think oh this is mango!!!

Anybody else has this issue? It's making me nuts. Lol

07-05-16, 12:00 AM
The colours of the smoothies are different; dragonfruit is purple. This isn't a bug. Try differentiating by colours instead of the tiny slice of fruit and see if it helps.

07-05-16, 03:51 PM
Thanks. But to me it should be a slice of mango on the edge as it on the drink when you make it. The smoothie that shows up when you collect has a mango on the edge... Also, what if i was color blind? Lol. I like this game and i like consistency in images. If i order a mango smoothie i expect a mango on the rim not a dragon fruit... ;-) Thanks for listening.

07-06-16, 08:14 PM
FWIW, all the different smoothies are in different shaped glasses, too.