View Full Version : My Thoughts So Far (v1.7)

06-27-16, 03:00 PM

I have been playing Slots on-and-off since January 2013, when I got my first iPhone. This is by far the best slots game on the App Store, no questions asked, and there are a lot of amazing experiences to be had, but there are also a couple things that bother me. I know this isn't a really active forum, but hopefully somebody sees this. I'll introduce bugs and other suggestions I have in bold, so the team can see them a little better. Thank you for listening.

First, the overall design is great. I may have found a bug, though: in the lobby, the scrolling lights surrounding the highlighted slot machine don't reach the bottom lights - only the light above the bottom row, and then turn, so that they're one row above the bottom. I mention this only because I don't remember it doing this prior to 1.7.

Second, actual gameplay. The progressive system is perfect as-is, although I wish the in-game description would be a bit more clear about what actually happens. That is, are people getting the jackpots in their games affecting other players? Or do they automatically reset after a while?

Regarding bonus games, it appears as if there are four different types. Each machine has one of two sorts of what I call "3-bonuses", i.e. getting three symbols in a line - there is either Type A (with top prizes of 59, 88, and 118, letting you pick 3 symbols), or Type B (with top prizes of 40, 60, and 80, letting you pick 4 symbols). Common to all machines are "4-bonuses" with top prizes of 226, 338, and 451, and "5-bonuses" which go near 2,000, though I haven't gotten enough of these to confirm. On either type, some machines have a stipulation of "don't pick a decoy or all your winnings will be lost" or something along those lines, which is totally wrong - you never lose your winnings. This isn't a bad thing - I like the bonus system as it is, but the descriptions are badly in need of an update. Bakery Story provides a good model - the header says, "Uncooked dishes are worth 0 points". It might be good to provide headers like this for each machine to fully reflect how the bonus functions. Also, it might be good to differ or even randomize the amount placed on each symbol, rather than fixed amounts in a group.

The Pay Table is another area which, arguably, is even more outdated. Having played from the beginning of 2013, I do remember being able to get Wild symbols on the first and last reels - and going into a machine before you spin, you can still find them occasionally. But when you actually spin, this is no longer possible. In fact, I don't think you can even get more than one of the same symbol on a reel. Regardless, I prefer the current system - jackpots and other large wins are much more common and definitely makes the game a fun time investment. In fact, just as I was writing this I got a win worth 425 coins. To summarize, the actual spins are great, but the pay table screen desperately needs an overhaul.

Actually, I do have one thing to say about the spins - it appears that the 2nd and 4th symbols (5 being worth 750 and 250, respectively) win a lot less frequently than the 1st, 3rd, and 5th symbols. Is this intentional?

The final major area I want to address is the payouts themselves. Now, being only 30 levels in, I haven't unlocked all the slot machines, but I remember that back in 2013, all of the machines were standardized so that each one has the exact same payout for each symbol. For instance, the 10th symbol is worth 3 for 3, 15 for 4, and 50 for 5 - on every single slot machine. I understand that this allows for the progressive jackpot battles to be fair, so no one is discouraged from playing on a certain machine, but in my opinion, there is nothing wrong with, say, having higher payouts on machines later in the game. If you have actually done this, I apologize.

Last but not least, the High Roller Club and other related challenges. Don't you guys suppose that the rewards are a bit low? Why does (spoilers) Level 1, which takes tens of thousands of dollars to complete, only give $300? And when people are spending millions of dollars on the leaderboards, why is the 1st place daily prize $7,000? (If someone could confirm this for me, that would be great, but...) I move that those people are spending more than that per spin. Putting these rewards so low is probably not doing much to bring people back to the game every day.

I rate this game a 9/10. It's amazingly fun and addictive and it's a great app to work on while doing other things, like writing long forum posts. There are, however, quite a few issues that prevent it from achieving perfection - many of which are relatively easy to fix. I hope you guys eventually update out these issues, and I hope even more that I addressed a few things that a lot of other players were thinking. Anyway, that's all I have for now. I'll post again if there's something else I notice.

Thank you again for listening, and have a fantastic day.