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06-25-16, 08:17 AM
For the last two days I haven't been getting any cards from Iiam please fix

06-26-16, 07:08 AM
Sorry sweetie, the drops from Liam are random and I experience this too. This isnt a bug unless you dont get anything from Liam at all. You can try force shut your game and see if that helps.

08-01-16, 04:11 PM
i rarely get thank you cards from Liam, one or less a day! at this rate it will take me weeks just to do the furniture goals, and it is so hard to expand or do anything else. what's the deal?

08-01-16, 10:41 PM
Liam hardly ever drops thank you notes, only once a day max! it takes forever to get enough for expansions and other tasks, and it's nearly impossible to do Cooper's furniture building goals. because of that I can't unlock the Cupcake Oven recipes, and have had two cupcake to-go orders for weeks which can't be filled. this issue is really affecting game play--any solutions in sight?

08-02-16, 07:05 AM
Sorry guys, this isnt a bug since the drop is random but I've moved thread to the Suggestion Forum so it can be seen by the team. Thank you for your feedback.

Merged duplicate threads and moved to Suggestion forum.

08-02-16, 10:20 AM
wow ive never had problems with thank you notes in fact I have to delete them once a month or so ........