View Full Version : Answered Envoy to Fur Burrow locked in barracks

06-22-16, 03:56 PM
I am doing quest A potion from and for the past. I have done parts one and two, chop down blythwood trees and made the fadeprint elixir. But now i need to envoy to the fur burrow.

My castle is being used constantly because if the timed event. So my question is why is this adventure locked by goal in my barracks? Is this a bug?

06-22-16, 04:24 PM
Hi arikasi,

In order to unlock 'Envoy to the Fur Burrow' for the Barracks, you need to complete one adventure to the 'Envoy to the Fur Burrow' through the King's Keep first. Once that is done, 'Envoy to the Fur Burrow' will unlock.