View Full Version : Barracks sale glitch

06-15-16, 02:27 AM
For two days in a row now I get a pop-up saying the barracks are on sale, then when I click on it the Royal buildings section comes up in the market but with no barracks. I already have one barracks but there is no limit when I look t the building guide, and besides the wizard school shows up in the list even though I have the limit of two. Is something wrong?

kooky panda
06-15-16, 10:29 AM
I check on this and you can only have one Barracks . That is why you cannot purchase another. Sorry!

I will ask Spirit to update the building guide to reflect this.

06-15-16, 06:17 PM
Oh no! I was hoping to have them set up to return on alternate days.

Oh well. Thanks for letting me know! :)