View Full Version : Finished 1st on Silver Tier Weekly Total but Went Back to Silver Instead of Gold

06-10-16, 09:10 AM
Had completed the Silver Tier at #1 with 2907 keys whereas the #2 player had 2321 keys. When the Weekly Total board was reset, I was back to Silver Tier instead of being promoted to Gold.
Is this an error?

06-10-16, 11:47 AM
Hey there! Were you playing offline and didn't connect until after the event was over?

06-10-16, 11:07 PM
Hi SparklyOctopus,

I thought I was playing online, here's the screen capture. There were no changes to the offline/online status before or after the event's completion.

06-12-16, 05:19 AM
Hi SparklyOctopus,

To add, each time when I start the game, I'll choose "Play as Guest" instead of logging in with my Facebook account. I have 3G or Wi-Fi at all times.

06-13-16, 10:54 AM
Hey there! Thanks for letting us know. In the next event, can you make sure to verify that you are online after you get your score so that the game recognizes your points? Please let us know if you are unable to get to the next tier in the next tournament.

06-13-16, 09:29 PM
Hi, I was online all the time ... this does not necessarily mean logging on using my Facebook account, correct?

In my case:
1. I could access the Hall of Fame at all times
2. The Weekly Total leader board changes/was updated "live" as far as I can see as the list kept being refreshed

Are the above sufficient indicators that I have been playing online throughout?

06-16-16, 02:34 AM

the current week's Weekly Total had just reset after 7 days and I had replayed Silver leaderboard due to the above error. This time I'm promoted to Gold.
Not sure what's the difference between this time and last week as I had no issues with the Bronze to Silver 3 weeks ago.

06-23-16, 03:15 PM
Glad to hear that it worked out!

06-25-16, 07:45 PM
Emmm .. actually it didn't, I replayed the full week on Silver. Still have no idea what happened.
Oh well, so far it didn't happen again.

08-07-16, 06:20 AM
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