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06-08-16, 11:07 PM
Themes Suggestions List

Crochet and Pink Lemonade: Host a crochet and pink lemonade theme party on a warm summer day. Serve nostalgic food to go along with the theme.

Dessert Theme: Why serve anything but desserts at your next soir?e? From a candy bar, to trays of cupcakes, this is a bash for true sweet tooths.

Oscars Theme: Throw an Oscars watching party.

Scotch and Chocolate: Pour your favorite scotch, and have a range of your favorite chocolates on hand for this dream of a party.

What Would Coco Chanel Do: Get inspired by the late and great Coco Chanel when planning next your theme. I think a theme would involve plenty of camellias and black and white decor.

See Red: Nothing is quite as romantic as throwing a party that is entirely red. Red decor, red flowers, red velvet cake?you get the idea.

Go For the Gold: Gold food, gold drinks, gold decor?you get the idea.

DIY Spa Theme: Why not invite your friends over for a spa party? Hire a manicurist and prepare a variety of do-it-yourself face masks for guests. Teas and Cupcakes.

I would love to see these themes on the next goals. Thank you.