View Full Version : Didn't Receive Points for Nest Time

06-06-16, 09:47 AM
I just hatched Hera (8 hours) and Serpent (16 hours ) and only received 10 points, period. NO points for nesting time. PLEASE look into this

[S8] Regina
06-06-16, 12:44 PM
Hi there! You saw the pop-up for 10 points for "Hatch Rare dragons for a bonus!" This causes the other Leaderboard points to not show up on a separate toaster (your total for every hour of hatching). The HUD icon on the right will show up the correct updated number.

06-07-16, 11:33 AM
Update : my missing points popped up about 15 mins ago, no notification just noticed my points increased for no reason, did the math and sure enough, it's them .