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05-24-16, 01:29 AM
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Category: Report Bug
Storm8 ID: KZ750girl
Game: Dragon Story
Device: Android Turbo
OS Version: 5.1

Chapter 5 Act 1. Says buy a spell shop. I already own 1 & it says I'm at max and can't buy another. I tried this twice. So I used gold to skip it.
Act 2 says to Craft Empty Essence. I followed directions and it started. I Went back to scroll and it says I didn't do it. I click GO & error says the spell shop not ready.
Will it register when Empty Essence is done?
Any chance I can get my gold back?

kooky panda
05-24-16, 09:41 AM
Thank you for reporting this. I think the Chapter said Have a spell shop? Please correct me if you game states otherwise.

I will report this over.

1. Have one Spell Shop. (Skip: 5Gold)
2. Craft 1 Empty Essence. (Skip: 20Gold)
3. Win 2 Battle Arena Matches. (Skip: 49Gold)
Prize: 7,500Firapples

Make sure that you have a solid connection when playing and before you leave the game go visit a neighbor to make sure that your progress in the game saves.

kooky panda
05-24-16, 01:34 PM
This chapter was tested and there seems to be no issues. Next time when you run across this issue please restart your game or go visit a neighbor and it should complete.

For the gold you spent, please send an email to support@storm8.com.
When you get your automatic email back from support you will see a ticket number.

Please send a private message to Regina(community manager) with this ticket number.