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05-22-16, 07:44 AM
:confused: I waited like more than 2 years for the next area to come out. When will it? Don't abandon this game! If you ran out of area name ideas, I'll give you some

Tar pits
Yatagarasu's nest
Jeweltonium lab
Greenflame mountain
Coral reef garden
Sea of death
Dead end
The topaz slavelands
Cave of ghouls
Abandoned island
Jewelshard desert
Quicksilver sands
The black phoenix's lair
Leviathan's hideout
Jewelflower patch
Pathway of hypnotism
Ice castle
The devil's flower
Jewelzombie apocalypse
The ring of cataclysm
Crystal of enigma
Temple of the jewel god
Paradise sea

And SOOOOO many more! It will be an honor if at least one of these idea are used for area 102+ I'll be looking forward for it and thank you! :D