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05-17-16, 07:01 PM
I have been playing Bakery Story since 2014 although I am still at level 48 right now since I had to stop playing for quite some time. Now that I'm playing it again and thought that I missed a lot of goals because items, (like ovens especially) appear on the last part when you view OVEN, it made me feel discouraged a bit because there is no way I could really get those items anymore not unless your team would agree to release some. I also like some of "sweet and juicy goodies" updates which are cute in a way. But if I may suggest:

1. I would love to see items which are a bit realistic. Dark colored hues or natural color patterns for tables, chairs, wall and floors and even the decors.
2. Food can be place in a different counter. Happy clickers like me, almost always lost some food on the counters by unintentional or deliberate clicking on the "STORE" button while decorating.
3. Oven updates; or
4. Recipe updates on appliances
5. Add number of gifts received by players per day. I think 20 gifts/day is dull out of 200 neighbors. And,
6. Tipping at once to all neighbors

Thank you, I hope to see changes but I would love too see and experience any if not all of this suggestions in the game.

11-23-16, 06:43 AM
One suggestion to make game play a little easier--being able to see the bakers ranking (0-4*) BEFORE you send an invitation to join your neighborhood.