View Full Version : Too much too soon!

08-15-10, 09:56 AM
One thing i have noticed with both city and farm story is you get way too many items early on in the game (first 10 levels) then by the time you get to around level 25 there is nothing new. I think thats why so many people abondon the game once they get to level 25-30 because there is nothing left to get.

There is no way people can buy all that stuff that early on because you level up to fast in the beginning and you're opening up 3 new items per level. On lvel 8 there are already 8 different houses to buy!! Its a waste because the expensive houses are not affordable at that level anyway so why unlock them?

I think if you space out the unlockable items out a bit more, just unlock one new item per level. Save some of the more expensive houses for levels 20 to 40. Same goes for the businesses, it will add to the longevity of the game.