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05-15-16, 09:14 AM
Is there a way you guys could quit with all the pop up ads in the game?. Not everyone wants to install bingo or hungry babies. Even if i cancel to refuse to install the other games it comes back in a couple days or so. At least be descreet about it like how you are with pop up ads in bakery story.

05-15-16, 09:02 PM
Usually if you download the games off the pop ups you get gems for it so I wouldn't complain.

01-07-19, 01:15 AM
EVERY TIME I open the game, it bombards me with 10 different ads, 6 of which are not skippable. 1st ad - "I have recently discovered a new method of meditation" (Sugar Swap Mania) UNSKIPPABLE !!! , 2nd ad - Sugar Swap Mania pops up. , 3rd ad - GEMS PROMOTION , 4th ad - ANOTHER NEW METHOD OF MEDITATION - Home Design ....... Why is this happening ONLY on the iPhone? On Android they have like 2 ads and they are COMPLETELY skippable!!!!! (i have played RS on Android for 6 years!!), this is madness. They are driving people crazy with those ads, they are pushing them backwards like that, I am disgusted. This is not the way people should play their games ! This IS NOT the right marketing strategy! People are drawn backwards like that! I have worked hard 6 years for my Restaurant Story account, and you treat people like that ???? Throwing stupid ads everywhere? More than half of them unskippable? I haven't dropped a single penny on this game, I have worked and grinded from 0 !!! And you treat the loyal players with ads? :mad::mad:

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