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05-14-16, 05:55 PM
I have to play this on my smartphone because my tablet (where I play all my other games) gets a message that it's incompatible when I try to install Bakery Story 2. This makes no sense because on my tablet I have Castle Story, Dragon Story & the birthday edition, Restaurant Story Hot Rod, Farm Story 2, Fashion Story, Cupcake Mania & Moscow edition, Candy Blast, Bingo, Hungry Babies, and Fantasy Forest Story...all installed with no problems. I can even install Bakery Story 2 Love & Cupcakes on my tablet!! But not the regular Bakery Story 2. This is very frustrating because my progress on my smartphone does not count towards the games played on my tablet. Now in BS2 it's asking me to install Bingo, Hungry Babies etc. Some of which I already have but they're on my tablet.

Both tablet and phone are Android. Any thoughts why I can't install BS2 on my tablet when everything else installs just fine?? I have tried contacting support, their suggestion was to clear the cache for Google Play.
Thanks in advance!!

05-14-16, 06:03 PM
Please revert back to Support using the last email and let them know you are still having issues.

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