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05-11-16, 03:50 PM
Hi. I haven't been here in a while and I'm not sure this is how I should handle this but I have a problem and I'm hoping you can help or at least point me in the right direction.

I purchased the 2X boost in the final 2 hours to try and get to second place. I got there just by placing my dragons in the nests but I wanted to make sure I stayed in second place. I got one dragon out of evolution at around 12:20ish and my game crashed on me. I was unable to login to hatch my Quetzal and Deep Sea dragons that would have given me many more points as well as speed up some breeding which included a Super Rare dragon. I was unable to login until just after the event expired to find I was bumped to 3rd place. As you can imagine, I am quite upset. I went to my Bakery Story game to see if it was a problem with your servers but that game opened just fine. I was unable to get into my Dragon Story game to ensure I came in second place. Is there anything that can be done? I will gladly have 77 gold deducted from my account as that is what I was planning on doing in the first place to come in second.

Please advise and thanks in advance.

kooky panda
05-11-16, 03:55 PM
I am sorry you have experienced some issues. Please send an email to support@storm8.com for assistance.