View Full Version : Ideas on how we could keep limited-time event appliance and recipes afterward

05-11-16, 02:48 AM
Why are the recipes in limited time event also have to disappear once the event end despite having their own appliance to cook?

While I could understand about the recipes that is added to the normal appliances, but to make a totally new (and super pretty) appliance that is used to cook exclusively some (very good-looking) recipes just to turn them into mere decorations after the event ends seem like such a waste.

The reason that this happens is pretty much is because the ingredients used to make the recipes are also disappear once the event end. But again, there are also other way to obtain cooking ingredients in-game beside the shops: the Secret Baker Club. So, here's my suggestion:
- After the event ends, a section to obtain the ingredients to cook the recipes in the past event will be add to the Secret Gourment Goods appliance (the app should rename into Secret Bakery Goods)
- Specific section is related to a specific event in the past and will only drop ingredients for the recipes related to that event

Ex: Current event is the Motherly Love event, last 13 days
=> after event ends, the section "Motherly Love ingredients" will be added to the Secret Gourment Goods appliance and all the timed ingredients are remove from the shop
=> the "Motherly Love ingredients" section, required 1 Bronze Key, will only drop Tea Leaves, Lavender, Rose Petals, Hibiscus and Rose Water (not include the White Chocolate; Rose Water is previously need to be made using the Mixer and Rose Petals is from the Rose Plant). These are all the ingredients needed to cook all the recipes in the event exclusive appliance: Tea Kettle.

- After the Motherly Love event ends, the recipes cook by the Tea Kettle will no longer appear in the Baker Club's Special list
- The recipes cooked by the Tea Kettle will remained but the Tea Kettle (as well as its gem-counterpart) itself will not be available to purchase after the Motherly Love event has ended
- All other recipes in other normal appliances (the Mixer also) are removed
- The added "Motherly Love ingredients" section in Secret Gourment Goods will only drop ingredients needed for the recipes in the Tea Kettle, not all the limited-time ingredients that appear in the event (see details above)

Everyone please comment and share your idea if you're also want to keep more event recipes and appliances in the future :)