View Full Version : Bakery Story Suggestions

05-03-16, 03:46 AM
Hi. I am an avid bakery player for many years and so do some of my family members. We love every part of the bakery from baking beautiful multi-coloured cakes n cookies, to the variety of drinks n teas, for their cute and colourful decorations and very creative designs that always surprises me. That's why i love bakery story. Kudos to Storm8 for the success.

I do however, have some feedbacks and queries which I would like to bring up.

I noticed that there are some smartphones that actually have a "special" feature, whereby the bakery player will earned FREE gems just by watching an advertisements. How cool is that?? But why not apply it to all kinds of smartphones.... Something to consider...

I also noticed that some of the items that we have in our bakery may not be visible to other different smartphone users. Eg: an Android user may not be able to view items displayed in the bakery of an IPhone user. Why is that?

Also, any idea when are they going to have SALE on the Gem Dispenser.? Used to buy it for 250 gems when there was an offer last year. Now it cost too much (450 gems). Hoping for Storm8 to bring back the offer soon.

I would also love to be able to expand my shop further. Unfortunately, there isn't any more to extend. I'm sure that i'm not the only one who would like to make their shop bigger, definitely there are other players too who would love to expand their shops and being able to decorate and redecorate the bakerys,....would be a fun thing to do..!!

Anyways, i guess that's all i can come up with at this moment. Feel free should you wish to share any useful tips and information with me. Thank you in advance for your kind assistance. Take care.