View Full Version : Birthday Party?

05-02-16, 02:56 AM
In one months time Bakery Story 2 will be 1!!!!!!

The time has definitely flown by. Has this game met your expectations in the first year and how do you want Storm8 to celebrate?

I loved this game from the beginning (although it's been frustrating and slow at times while building up money and parts). I love that we can all come together on this forum to pool together ideas and share game play tactics.

I hope we get a birthday party celebration event that is achievable and affordable for everyone!

And one more thing that would make it a very happy birthday would be to open up the visit and gift neighbours section (not just through Facebook friends) ... Please please please ......!

05-02-16, 04:40 AM
wow! 1 already? are you sure? the earliest thread I can find is only November last year?

I agree with you about how excellent this forum is on sharing ideas etc and what an amazing job Vana has done on the game guides. I'm completely envious about how creative they are! (I'm too left brained! :))

05-02-16, 02:01 PM
Oh no! I was getting too excited :(

I'd forgotten the date is American on these forums. I thought the year had come round quick lol.

05-03-16, 09:50 AM
you are not far from it, ms bexi :)
i remember, when my kid was a little-little baby, we've celebrated each month her birth date and her achievements: when she smiled first, when she said mama, when she set, when she walked, first tooth, etc... oh you know wht i mean! lol )))
so the game cd also be kinda baby for developers, and for some players too.
and right somewhere around these days, the game sd turn 6 month. half a year!
so me too, i hope we'll have kinda celebration party next week, when the running event is over :)

and, thank you ms. spirit, i'm utmost pleased to see that the guides are understood and helpful http://www.kolobok.us/smiles/he_and_she/curtsey.gif

10-16-16, 03:36 AM
So I was premature when I started this post in May (I'd got confused with the date format)

But now the first birthday of BS2 is a month away!

What are your thoughts about the first year of the game, how would you like Storm8 to celebrate the first year, and what would you like to see over the next year???