View Full Version : 3 course meals per customer

04-30-16, 06:53 AM
I feel that each customer should come and eat at our restaurant and have a 3 course meal for a few good reasons:

1. Increased sales!
2. Our food wont pile up and stay the same for weeks or even months! Boring!
3. Less counters means more spaces for decorations for fun or tables for those who like to accumulate tips.
3. It will encourage players to be creative with menu (appetizer, main, dessert, drinks) not just cooking like zombies for gems.

04-30-16, 07:03 AM
Or just to make sales quicker how about the option to
FAST FORWARD 2x or 3x so that some people who are just starting out can play on normal speed so they wont have problems running out of food and then those with maxed ovens and have A TON OF FOOD that takes forever to finish can choose to fast forward it?

05-05-16, 04:22 PM
In RS food already sells fast wish they'd speed in up in BS !