View Full Version : A solution 4 droid users hopefully

02-25-11, 10:45 PM
OK I AM VERY OVERLY COMPLUSIVE WHEN SUMTHG IS RACKING MY BRAIN i.e...droid phones not having the same "snap" feature as iphones so i think i might have a solution let me know if its a smart 1 or if u dont like. so my idea is take a pic of ur restaurant/bakery either using another cell phone or webcam/laptop built in cam. i took a picture with my laptop built in cam and the pic look as though u took it with ur cell phone..same precedure as taking a pic w/web cam u take the pic and right click save as (waaaa laaa) or if with another hand device snap the picture of ur cafe and send via email/text <save as but of course if using another cell phone the person must send pic to ur phone and you go from there. so i know it seems like a lot but its a temporary fix til sumthg betters comes up..if u dont like i understand

ok lol can somebody please tell me how to attach pics to threads/post :(