View Full Version : Vanished surprise dragon

04-16-16, 06:05 AM

I just finished the event round where I got the surprise dragon at the end. It also showed it being put into storage but it is not there. I cannot go on with the event as I will need to get to a high level to finish it. Can anyone help please? :(

ID is Tigerlily2013 and I play on an iPad3.

Thank you!

04-16-16, 06:39 AM
Tigerlilly, have you clicked on the Dragons tab in Storage? Or clicked on the All tab to check there? Also try force closing and restarting your game.

kooky panda
04-16-16, 02:06 PM
Sorry to hear this! Please try force closing your game then check your inventory again. Make sure you click the "all tab".
If it is still missing, please send an email to support@storm8.com so an agent can check your game.