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04-11-16, 06:30 PM
***** Is it possible to have the options to sort out and filter the dishes?
1) Cooking time (shortest timing to the longest timing needed, longest timing to the shortest timing needed)
2) The mastery of the dish (1 hat to 4 hats, 4 hats to 1 hat)

***** It would be better to have a clearer indication if the dishes are mastered already (4 hats). A possible way is to change the color of the hat or dish to gold when the dish is mastered. Encountered once when the bar looked full but the dish still needed to be cooked once to be mastered.

***** It would be more convenient to show which neighbours we have already sent a request to for the day.

These updates would be an add-on to this already great game. Cannot wait to reach level 99 and master all the dishes.