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04-11-16, 05:17 PM
I think it would be a fun idea if there was a contest for players to create their own recipe for this game (created out of the ingredients from stores). They would also have to decide where their dish would be cooked on (it won't be cooked on any event stoves people can't get of course).
I could choose Pesto pasta:
3x Basil
3x Noodles
1x Cheese
1x Tomato

Or Lobster pasta:
1x Lobster
3x Noodles
4x Tomato (or Cream for cream pasta)
1x Cheese

Both of them would be cooked on the chateau stove.

The catering cruises are fun but we should have some variety. This might be pretty fun to see what others could come up with and the winner(s) would have their recipe in the game for everyone to use. We could have different categories for the contest. There would be winners for the entree, main, and dessert. :-)