View Full Version : Stop it storm8!

04-07-16, 01:57 AM
Please please please STOP having extra recipes with time limits when you are also having a cruise! It's the worst. It's Ike having two events at the same time! That or make it a week longer for the recipes. The reason it's the worst is because you are cooking for the cruise while also trying to master the recipes. It's a lot to do and this has been the first time I haven't mastered an event item. It's probably because it required two long timer items (salmon and onions). Call me bitter for not mastering, but we never ever get a second chance to master anything in events.

04-07-16, 06:48 AM
I totally agree! I have no space on my counters for new recipes during cruises. The designers spent all this time creating these new recipes for us; it's a shame we can't give them the attention they deserve.

04-07-16, 08:59 AM
I have to agree also even trying to master crawdad boil all my salmon went towards the cruise and have to wait every 8 hours, trying to use gems which i did by using the celebration stove constantly. Also mastery spices helps me but still. They should at least extend the LT recipes for another few more days..

04-07-16, 02:29 PM
Agreed... I simply gave up on mastering timed recipes while in cruise events, its the worst. I Just make finishing the cruise in time the priority, and after it ends, IF I'm not tired of the game I *try* to master it, but most likely give up after 2-3 cooks, because I can't look at it and need a break from it.