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04-06-16, 10:51 PM
Why don't we ever get to keep the recipes from these challenges? Most of the items and decorations cost gems so most players don'tget them. It's only fair that we should keep the recipes. Plus the number of recipes already in the game are very limited anyway. It will get boring sooner rather than later if we can only make the same things forever. Anybody agree with me or at least know why it's like this?

The original bakery story has tons of recipes and you always get the opportunity to get more when the challenges come because they don't take everything away after you've completed it.

04-07-16, 07:42 AM
The last event included a new stove with a recipe for everyone to keep, as well as the grand prize being a second permanent recipe. I personally find the original BS too messy because there are too many different appliances and recipes!

This game is still very new so I'm sure we have a lot more coming to us in future updates. :)

04-07-16, 09:49 AM
I agree that it would be cool to keep the limited time recipes (they look so cute!), but think about how many there already are... we'd be scrolling for 30 seconds just to find the recipe we want on the home oven! The way the game is set up, I think people would be frustrated by permanent seasonal recipes because either 1. they'd all have to be on one oven that we already own or 2. they'd have to keep creating new unstorable ovens which would take up tons and tons of space. Plus, thus update gave us a full collection of tables, chairs, flooring, wallpaper, and decorations for coins! Not to mention the fact that some of the stuff bought for gems can be acquired through the goals anyways.

04-07-16, 01:20 PM
Okay I see. Yeah I did like that we got to keep the oven from the previous challenge. Thanks for your replies!