View Full Version : When will be have level 80?

04-04-16, 02:16 PM
Hello: since a lot of time I am in level 60. I cannot expand more my restaurant, I have a lot of money, but no idea what could I do. Please allow us to reach higher levels... so I would continue enjoying the game. Thank you

kooky panda
04-04-16, 03:39 PM
Moving thread to the suggestion forum.

I am getting close to level 60. I am sure we will see more levels down the line. Hopefully sooner than later!

04-06-16, 10:51 AM
Yes please bring on level 80!! We for sure need some more permanent features added to the game. I'm getting really tired of the constant "limited time" recipes.

Open up one of the new sites already. If nothing else could someone please clean up the trash around the food truck thing lol.