View Full Version : Ridiculous gem values to complete the cruise

04-03-16, 01:36 AM
So last night I was on the last bit of the cruise frantically trying to cook everything I needed when I must have fell asleep at my iPad 

When I woke up this morning the challenge had ended and I can complete for 1300 gems, I was like HOW MUCH!

Last night if I'd not fallen asleep I could've completed the quest for under 500 gems so why now is it asking for more than double that

I'm on here all the time, I'm on level 53, I use gems to complete food so I can move onto the next item to cook and yet it's still not possible for me to complete the challenge, I have a life and need to work too!! we need a couple more days in which to do it comfortably OR make it way less gems to complete after the fact, if it had been 500 gems today I would have purchased some and paid money for it but 1300!!!!

That's just plain greedy!

05-26-17, 01:27 AM
I was ONE delivery away from finishing and I fell asleep waiting for it to finish cooking. Woke up 43 mins late!! I used up all my gems in order to complete. And now it says the only way to finish is to pay 1300 gems!!!??? This is outrageous!! I am so mad. I love this game but this takes all the fun out of it.

kooky panda
05-26-17, 01:32 PM
Pooky: Sounds like you may be comparing spending 500 gems to complete orders while your cruise day was opened vs spending 1,300 finish after cruise ended.

Megazam: Sounds like you just missed the deadline.

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