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03-28-16, 07:19 AM
I posted these in another thread about "Finn being stuck in the door"; It appears these should have been posted to this section instead.

Take a break from challenges option?

How about a break from the "challenges"? It's getting old and I'm tired of them popping up in my face when I choose to not accept the challenge. How about a button to "opt out", with an option in the goals list to re-engage?

Reduce the "progress flag".

Can the number of times the "progress" flag pops up and the length of time it is displayed be reduced? It is reaching the "nuisance" level ; how about an option to either disable or reduce the number of times it is displayed for a single event?

Reduce the cost of new devices, recipes, etc.

I'm at level 31; the number of coins that each new item costs is getting out of hand. 1,750,000 coins for a melting pot is ridiculous as well as 1,720,000 coins for an expansion #10? I know a game is supposed to get more challenging as you progress, but these #'s are on the verge of me simply deleting the game and moving on to something else. How about making these costs more reasonable?

04-14-16, 03:09 AM
I agree; the numbers are out of hand and require too much; I am thinking about just deleting; it borders on the stupid when you have to pay 200000 to learn a new item & 350000 for a new stove. It takes the fun out of the game: the point system is way off to earn.